Aakash Study - Aakash used in plot on a pittsburgh pa resident and it could lead to a bloody disaster

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hello, a group of medical students from india has told me about a resident in the pittsburgh pa erea that they have paid a upmc intity to let them in the operating room of a patent at the time of a operation they even showed me the video and how they did it and i will admit that i did except money to keep quiet because if i didnt keep quiet they would have caused me a bad situation, but after i saw and drove near the pittsburgh resident who now lives in pitcairn pa i just couldnt keep quiet no longer, but i can tell you that it can lead to a very bloody disaster either for the patent or the community itself, but the reason why noone is telling the police or reporting it is because of the money that keeps them quiet, the resident that they have done this to is being tracked everyday and followed by many who are involved it was a experiment and also a plot following an insult that the resident committed when she called the taj mahal and insulted a leader of the pittsburgh temple back in june of 2009. then july the plot started, i just thought that i could post it then i hope that this group of visous people will be smart enugh to stop before it becomes a very bloody disaster for other adults or children i can tell you that they put a very small device inside the patent so that they can track the patent to watch her side effects while using her.

they have plans to really cause death to this patent and im trying to stop it but i cant do it alone because if they know i could be in danger as well, the group of people are always at the temple most of the time, that is the place they are using to keep the logs of all the powers that they succeeded on this resident, while the patent is getting weak and confused. while being used for experimenting with her body and her mental ability.

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